Mandi Newton

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Founded in 1993 by Roland Thomas, we have over 20,000 residential and commercial properties painted.

Our specialty:

Multi-Unit residential community painting.

Our strength: 

Long-term painters with years of experience.

Our offer: 

Peace-of-mind painting at a competitive price.

Our services: 

  • Exterior Painting 
  • Interior Painting
  • Wood Rot Replacement
  • Color
  • Consultation 
  • Digital Color Rendering
  • Pressure Washing

Why Varsity?
Peace-of-mind and abundant communication before and during the project through meetings, notices and e-mail progress reports. Any concern addressed immediately by our English-speaking foreman.

Longevity. We always use the best products and ALWAYS quality workmanship provide mutual confidence in a long lasting paint job backed by a 5 year warranty (2 years on metals).

Varsity Painting donates 1% of it's revenue to tumor research...
"Why?" you ask. Because of

T: 1.888.VARSITY​