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Alisha Stanfield
Vice President, Transportation Logistics
925.577.9323 Mobile

C3 Transportation is a full service commute solutions provider.  Whether a one-time, short-term or ongoing need for corporate transportation, companies understandably need to schedule service with a reliable, trusted team of professionals. C3 Transportation (A Code 3 Company) has been proudly meeting the needs of our valued clients in the Bay Area and beyond. 

Customized Long Distance Routes - Productive, sustainable, stress-free commuter services!
C3 Transportation creates customized long distance routes for clients that truly change and improve employees’ lives.  These services provide employees, students or the public with fixed route, regular scheduled services to and from residential areas to corporations, universities or office complexes. 

Customized solutions based on employee density areas
Great solutions for Employers and Employees
Wi-Fi enabled for greater productivity
Sustainable option for corporate campuses
A wide variety of vehicle sizes to choose from – 4 to 60 passenger options available

Last Mile Shuttles - Linking public transportation hubs to corporate campuses, universities and office parks
One of the most common reasons why people do not take advantage of affordable an d eco-friendly mass transit commuting solutions is the last “few miles” of the journey from hub to office.  Often times, the walk, bike or scooter options are just too far to get to the office – especially during the cold, rainy season…

Last Mile Shuttle Services bridge the gap between mass transit to campus with multiple route options during peak commute hours.
More options provide greater flexibility for commuters
Connect to trains, ferries, subways and bus hubs
Allows individuals to utilize commuter subsidies
Electric and alternative fueled vehicles available for even greater sustainability

Intercampus Shuttle Solutions - The Missing Link across your facilities!
Whether you have 2 or more facilities that are in different locations or a large campus that requires employees to move to and from buildings, C3 Transportation’s Intercampus Connector Shuttle Solutions can connect your employees to their destination without the burden of parking or the cost of an individual shared ride service. 

Connecting employees, students, or the public to and from facilities or parking areas
Great option to reduce single occupancy vehicle traffic and parking congestion
Electric options provide a zero emission solution
Fixed Route and On Demand Solutions available

Chartered Services
C3 Transportation covers a wide variety of chartered transportation needs.  The large fleet of premium, specialty and economy vehicles allows for small to large moves within the Bay Area.  Through our trusted, vetted affiliate network, C3 Transportation, can reserve and manage programs across the United States!​​